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DES Graduate Students

Photo: Mohsin Alhilo

Mohsin Alhilo
Environmental Sciences
Dr. Rodenburg's group
PAH Sources Fingerprints

Photo: Kelly Burghart

Kelly Burghart
Atmospheric Science
Dr. Lintner's group (co-advised by Dr. Jim Miller and Dr. Ben Lintner)
Global climate, Antarctic climate, sub-seasonal and seasonal trends, and tropical-extratropical teleconnections (particularly the tropical Pacific Ocean and South Pacific Convergence Zone)

Photo: Melissa Caruana
Photo: Amy Caruso

Amy Caruso
Environmental Sciences
Dr. Rodenburg's group
Bioremediation, Site Remediation, Treatment Technologies

Photo: Brendan Clark

Brendan Clark
Atmospheric Science
Dr. Alan Robock's group
Climate modeling; geoengineering; climate change; environmental change

Photo: Emily Davis

Emily Davis
Environmental Sciences
Dr. Gimenez's group
Soil physics and carbon sequestration

Photo: Rachel Dean

Rachel Dean
Microbial Biology
Dr. Donna Fennell's group
microbial degradation of man-made pollutants, bioremediation, anaerobic dechlorination, molecular biology

Photo: Kevin P. Dillon

Kevin P. Dillon
Microbial Biology
Dr. Donna Fennell's group
Environmental microbiology, aerobiology, bioaerosols

Photo: Stephanie Feigin

Stephanie Feigin
Environmental Sciences
Dr. Burger's group
Environmental Contaminants and Coastal Resilience

Photo: Xiaoshuai He

Xiaoshuai He
Environmental Sciences
Dr. John Reinfelder's group
Methylmercury bioaccumulation, Hg stable isotopes

Photo: Sydonia Manibusan

Sydonia Manibusan
Environmental Sciences
Dr. Mainelis's Group
Bioaerosol, Aerosol Sampling, Human Exposure to Aerosols

Photo: Grainne O'Neill

Grainne O'Neill
Atmospheric Science
Dr. Broccoli's group

Photo: Natasha Ramos-Padilla

Natasha Ramos-Padilla
Environmental Sciences
Dr. Kat Dawson's group
Biogeochemistry, chemical oceanography

Photo: Spencer Roth

Spencer Roth
Environmental Sciences
Dr. Barkay/Dr. Schaefer
Microbial ecology, mercury methylation, wetland biogeochemistry

Photo: Kassia Symstad

Kassia Symstad
Atmospheric Science
Dr. Mary Whelan's group
Carbonyl sulfide, carbon cycle